On The Basis of Vehicle

Blackbox calculates speed, gear and milage ratios and provides right speed and right gear usages for the vehicle. To ensure the correct use of gears and speed to drive within limits as required, Blackbox warns and redirects drivers by talking.

Blackbox minimizes the risk of unilateral traffic accidents due to speed. It decreases double-sided accident rates and severity.

Blackbox?s overall properties will help you save from fuel expenses up to 30%.

Blackbox prevents vehicle?s idle running time more than specified time period which controls unnecessary fuel use. By reporting vehicle maintenance and control periods, and its malfunctions to the center and the driver, Blackbox minimizes accident cost savings. With shock sensors Blackbox maintains driving vehicles correctly and calmly on rough roads and increases the lifetime of vehicles.

Through effective reporting system, all reports/messages reach to the related departments automatically via email .